PaperPort still hangs after running CheckPPFolders Utility?

CheckPPFolders Utility in PaperPort 12.1 finds possible corrupted files on your PaperPort Documents folder, it also clears out Metadata and thumbnail cache. This should fix most launching issues.

If you launch PaperPort and it still hangs then the issue could be something else. Sometimes the Windows Operating System changes permissions on specific folders on your computer especially if you migrate data into your PaperPort folder, you might end up not being able to access your files and folders anymore and PaperPort freezes. This can happen due to the fact that your Windows Login or User has lost ownership of those files and folders or it no longer has the required permissions.

To fix this, you can refer to this article from 7tutorials.com -> Take Ownership and Change Permissions of Files and Folders.

If you are the lazy type who does not want to perform steps to do this task. You can do it in a single step by following these steps.

1. Download and extract .REG file using the link below


2. Click Start -> Accessories -> Run and type regedit.

3. Click File -> Export, save a backup of your registry file into a different location on your computer. You can select the Desktop of Documents folder.

4. Run .REG, this will add an extra "Take ownership" in the file/folder context menu.

Now you can right click on our PaperPort documents folder and click on "Take ownership."

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